Our technologies at a glance

3 Mey employees during assembly


Our assembly specialists will assemble your components and machines after all of the parts have been manufactured. We always work strictly according to the assembly instructions and we pay attention to the highest quality of workmanship, which includes the detailed acceptance tests. We can also manufacture your cables / cable harnesses and control cabinets in our own cable assembly department.

Man painting a blue surface


Our core competence is to create ready-to-sell surfaces for our customers according to their specifications. We produce the following coatings in our facility in Hungary:  

Powder coating: This baking process makes this finish extremely stable and resistant to environmental effects.

Other coatings: We can also apply your logos cleanly through screen printing.

Man at the welding robot

Joining technology

One of our processing skills is manual or robotic welding of complex assemblies.

Bonding: We use component bonding when sophisticated design and visible surfaces are needed.
Welding: Post-processing can be minimised by using our welding robot.
Grinding: We will grind the welded seams to smooth out the joints. This could be needed to realise the visual affect that you specified.

Man at the sheet metal working machine

Thin sheet metal machining

Our core competence lies in the efficient cutting of blanks using punching/laser technologies and the bending of complex parts. The blanks are then deburred on wide-belt grinding machines before any further processing. The parts are then checked for dimensional accuracy and completeness through an optical quality control process and this ensures that a defect will not be detected in the final added-value stage. We work with a bending press that has an automatic tool changer and an integrated angle measuring system, especially during the construction of samples and prototypes.

Man in front of modern machine with monitor

CNC machining

One of our core competences is the efficient milling and turning of complex workpieces, for which we use state-of-the-art 7-axis turning/milling centres as well as 5-axis milling centres fitted with pallet changers. Our tool pool contains over 2,000 HSK tools with Balluf sensor technology. The programs, including simulations, are programmed locally in order to keep machine downtimes as short as possible.

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